Saturday, 22 February 2020

What next? Vegan pork?

A classic American 4x4 without emissions and Rolls-Royce build quality? What now? Vegan pork?

"Road" is a mite generous as a description, actually. It is a rocky vein that is lightly sketched over the ankles of a small mountain. A roadway busy with everything but traffic, all dust and rocks, and brush that grumpily scrapes itself out of the dirt as if angry about its own existence. The sun starts with its low pass, meaning that this vintage Ford Bronco is haunted all the way by a block shadow for a millisecond in second place, a silhouette softened by the light trail of dust that we plow in our wake as we climb.

We crawl over rocks in the low range, pick light on the path, pull ourselves higher and higher until the view reveals itself and we stop to a halt, absorb the view as if we are breathing in, a view painted in muted watercolors along the horizon. It is a scene that could be drawn from the sixties, given the age of the car we drive. Except when you listen and look closer. Because firstly the Bronco is almost silent even when it moves, and secondly, if you save this Ford more than a fleeting glance, you will realize that this car is the same as a Sixties Bronco in the same way that a cat is a horse. Same basic design architecture, wildly different

It goes deeper than modern paint. Or the millimetric carbon-fiber panel openings that are definitely onBronco, both in material and finish. The remake body that calms some of the original Bronco's more uncomfortable production needs. It goes beyond the hardcore and respected Currie Enterprises differentials that you can see peeping from under the car front and rear, or the Fox Racing suspension that you see. Furthermore, even an interior that you would like to mount on a wall as modern art: floating center console modeled on an Eames seat, manual gear lever as tangible a piece of technology as you would hope. Because this is a Ford Bronco from Zero Labs. It is different because it has been redesigned from the ground up. And it's quiet because it's electric.

Heresy? Depends on your point of view. Because Zero Labs is currently eliminating fully electric, heavy-duty restomod classic Ford Broncos, two of the most popular automotive trends are braiding in a vehicle that is about as trendy as possible without involving a vegan Kardashian wearing nothing but a pair of Yeezys. And without spoiling the end of the story too much, it is completely, completely tempting. To explain why, it's probably best to start at the beginning. With Adam. But not that.

“You have to look to the future as if it has already happened. Your unconscious does not recognize time. You cannot be anchored in the present. I have to believe that this has already happened ... that this Bronco is a thing of the past. Hope is not how it happens. You have to live in the future. "

Rewind to a few hours earlier, and Adam Roe, CEO and founder of Zero Labs Classic Electric Vehicles, is doing well and it is hard to decide whether he is genius or intriguingly insane. Maybe it's the jet lag, but I'm staring glassy, ​​focused on thoughtful and knowing, coming up somewhere on the other side as if I had faced an unarmed battle. Smile flickers occasionally like vintage neon, Roe gestures outstretched to Zero Labs' new production facility alongside Elon Musk's Space X in Los Angeles and asks, seemingly uncertain, "But it is cool right?"

Yes it's cool. But I realize this when a lady named Kaylee glides past on a longboard, with a cup of coffee the size of a fire extinguisher ... this is peak California. And it's not just the commuter traffic between the rooms. The energy here is palpable. You can taste the optimism in the back of your throat, feel the people leaking away, the place. It is as warming as the California sunshine that does its best to disturb itself through the office window. It's incredible and a little ... weird. Or maybe, you know, jet lag.

My eyes continue to wander to the matte gray Bronco that is lurking 30 meters away. It certainly looks, and I hope that this is not a paved Instagram-beautiful facade. I feel attracted by the enthusiasm of Zero Labs, and it becomes a murderer if the car is rubbish. It doesn't help that I like Roe right away, because it's impossible not to. He is not what you would call the typical car CEO. Fit-dressed, dressed in a black V-neck T-shirt, denim jacket and planed sneakers, is Ada

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