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Toyota Camry Hybrid a good car?

Is the Toyota Camry Hybrid a good car?

Yes, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is a good car. Let's start with what is probably the most important factor: it can reach more than 50 mpg, which is an impressive figure for a hybrid car. It also offers fast acceleration and a balanced and comfortable ride.

The Camry Hybrid has top-notch safety scores and a predicted reliability rating above average. Its information and entertainment features are simple, and passenger and cargo space also hits the mark. We named Camry Hybrid as a finalist of our Best Hybrid or Electric Car 2020 award for the money due to its combination of quality and value.

Should I buy the Toyota Camry Hybrid?
You should buy a Camry Hybrid if you want a comfortable or efficient cruise or a commuter car that also has relatively good value. The base model is particularly attractive, with a long list of standard information and security features. Their fuel economy ratings are also several times higher than those of other versions, due to the different types of batteries in the line.

Still, there are other well-rounded hybrids that are worth considering. The Honda Accord Hybrid has slightly lower gas mileage numbers than the Camry Hybrid, but offers more sporty handling and has a larger trunk. The Toyota Prius promotes fuel economy figures that approach 60 mpg in the city. The price of these two cars starts at thousands of dollars below the Camry Hybrid.

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Should I buy a new or used Toyota Camry Hybrid?
The Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020 is part of a generation that was launched with a complete redesign for the 2018 model year. Android Auto becomes standard for 2020, so stay with a new Camry Hybrid if it is an essential feature. Also by 2020, Toyota increases the warranty coverage of the hybrid battery to 10 years or 150,000 miles. Previously, it was covered under an eight-year / 100,000-mile umbrella with the other hybrid components of the car.

If those changes are not so important to you, consider buying a 2018 or 2019 Camry Hybrid. These models are likely to save you thousands of dollars compared to a new Camry Hybrid. The 2019 model won standard Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa and a Wi-Fi hotspot, making it a better option for tech-savvy drivers than a 2018 Camry Hybrid.

You are likely to save even more money with a Camry Hybrid of the previous generation. However, these older models are not as efficient in terms of fuel consumption as current generation models, have less standard safety features and infotainment systems do not have the latest in smartphone integration.

If you are considering an older model, be sure to read our Camry Hybrid 2017, Camry Hybrid 2018 and Camry Hybrid 2019 reviews to make a decision. Also, check our Used Car Offers page to learn about the savings and discounts you can find on used vehicles.

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We investigate for you: 31 opinions analyzed
We analyze 31 reviews of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, along with reliability ratings, fuel economy estimates and more, to help you decide if the Camry Hybrid 2020 is the right new car for you.

Our complete review of the Camry Hybrid 2020 incorporates applicable research for all models of this generation, which was launched for 2018.

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How much does the Toyota Camry Hybrid cost?
The Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020 starts at $ 28,250, which is roughly the average of the hybrid and electric car class. Two higher versions sell for $ 29,950 and $ 32,550. Adding important options can raise the price of the car to around $ 38,000.

By way of comparison, the standard Toyota Camry has a base price of $ 24,295, while the Toyota Prius hybrid is cheaper at $ 24,200. The Honda Accord Hybrid is priced at $ 25,470.

Check our U.S. New Best Prices Program for great deals at your local Toyota dealer. You can also find excellent incentives for manufacturers on our Toyota offers page.

Toyota Camry Hybrid versus the competition
Which is better: Toyota Camry Hybrid or Honda Accord Hybrid?
The HondAccord Hybrid and Camry Hybrid share many strengths, and it's easy to see why they both have a high rank in the hybrid and electric car class. Both offer excellent fuel economy, and you can expect to spend approximately the same amount of money per year on gasoline with any of the cars. These hybrids also have strong acceleration and compound handling, but the Accord feels a bit sportier than the Camry. The Honda also has a slightly larger rear seat and trunk. The Camry Hybrid, on the other hand, has a distinct advantage in the expected reliability. Drive both cars to see which one you like best. You can't go wrong with either of them.

Which is better: Toyota Camry Hybrid or Toyota Prius?
Among the affordable hybrids, the Toyota Prius is one of the most fuel efficient. Its basic Eco finish gets 58 mpg in the city, but annual fuel costs remain very similar between these two Toyota models. As a hatchback, the Prius offers a larger cargo hold, and its second row is spacious enough for adults. You can equip the Prius with features you can't get on the Camry, such as an 11.6-inch touchscreen, automatic parking assistance and all-wheel drive. The Prius costs several thousand dollars less than the hybrid Camry. However, the Camry Hybrid is a bit more fun to drive, and its interior is more exclusive and elegant than the Prius. Both Toyota hybrids make good decisions and share the same predicted robust reliability index.

Which is better: Toyota Camry Hybrid or Toyota Camry?
The non-hybrid Toyota Camry is located near the top of the mid-size car class. To choose between these two variants, you will have to decide if you want to save money at the supplier or in advance when you buy the car. Comparing the base models of each Camry, I would have to drive the Camry Hybrid for almost 10 years to compensate for the price difference of almost $ 4,000. The non-hybrid version gets a great fuel economy for its class, and also offers a powerful V6 engine and a sports TRD version.

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Camry Hybrid Interior
How many people does the Camry hybrid seat have?
The Toyota Camry Hybrid sedan can transport five people. You will find that the two rows of seats are comfortable, with a decent amount of head and leg room. The driver's seat with eight-way standard electric adjustment makes finding an ideal setting very easy.

Fabric upholstery and heated front seats are also standard, and notable options include synthetic or genuine leather upholstery and ventilated front seats.

Camry Hybrid and car seats for children
There are two complete sets of LATCH connectors for external rear seats. The central rear seat has an upper strap and can borrow a lower anchor from each side.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives Camry's LATCH system the highest rating of Bueno + (with the "+" indicating an additional position to sit) All anchors are easy to find and access, and it's easy attach the car seat straps.

Following the example of many luxury vehicles, Toyota places the lower anchors behind the dedicated plastic fins instead of burying them in the seat cushions.

Camry Hybrid Interior Quality
This hybrid Camry has an elegant and attractive interior. The elegant dashboard features scan lines that accentuate the centrally mounted infotainment display.

As with most affordable brand vehicles, the quality of materials improves as the equipment ladder climbs. You can notice a good amount of hard plastic surfaces, especially in places that you frequently touch, such as doors. However, there is an equal amount of soft touch materials, and the high-end model has wooden moldings.

Camry Hybrid Cargo Space
There is 15.1 cubic feet of trunk space in the Camry Hybrid. While hybrid versions of non-hybrid cars often lose some space in the trunk in favor of the battery, that is not the case with this Toyota. The Camry Hybrid has the same trunk size as the non-hybrid Camry. Although 15.1 cubic feet is approximately the class average, it is still less than the 16.7 cubes of the Honda Accord Hybrid. Other hybrids such as the Toyota Prius are hatchbacks that offer much more space.

The trunk of the Camry Hybrid remains large enough for several suitcases, and a wide opening makes it easy to place objects. The lifting height is also low, which helps you carry heavy equipment.

Infotainment Camry hybrid, Bluetooth and navigation
The Camry Hybrid comes standard with an information and entertainment system that has a 7-inch touch screen, although an 8-inch version is optional. Both configurations work the same way, with on-screen buttons that are large and clear. The touch screen responds and the menus are easy to navigate. You will find several physical buttons around the screen for shortcuts, such as changing the audio source or enabling smartphone integration.

Other controls are easy to reach from the driver's seat, although some are not intuitive. Clearly marked climate controls are located below the touch screen, but the audio tuning knob is just right. jo of the volume knob, which makes it easy to confuse them.

Android Auto opens for the first time in the Camry Hybrid for this model year, and comes standard. Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa are also standard, as are satellite radio, three USB ports and a Wi-Fi access point. Optional amenities include charging wireless devices, HD radio, two additional USB ports, navigation and a nine-speaker JBL premium stereo.

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Camry Hybrid Performance

Camry hybrid engine: perfectly agile

The Camry hybrid powertrain consists of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor. The total output of the system is 208 horsepower, which helps Camry offer respectable off-line acceleration and good passing power.

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